Letters for Landfills - Live Recordings from Cuernavaca, Mexico

by Justine Vandergrift



In late February 2015, Joe Nolan flew into Mexico City and together we went back to the Quest Mexico www.quest-mexico.org house in the hills that look over the beautiful Cuernavaca, "La ciudad de la eterna primavera", the city of eternal spring. My good friend Gerardo Debbink (director of Quest) kindly allowed us to use his program room as a studio. The idea was to record a full album live off the floor using one room mic.

A couple of songs that didn't make it onto this album were specifically about the corrupt state of affairs we see in Mexico today that keep the poor very poor and continue help the top 10% get more wealthy. The reality of these growing injustices becomes more and more astounding the more you learn about the real Mexico.

When recording in Cuernavaca in the evening, the crickets seemed deafening. Recording during the day felt like both a battle and a conversation with the birds. You can hear both as a backdrop in these recordings.

Thank you for listening!


released April 14, 2015

Joe Nolan (producer)
Mitchell Veldhuisen (Sound Engineer)
Gerardo Debbink (studio host)



all rights reserved


Justine Vandergrift Calgary, Alberta

“Occasionally a new artist emerges that immediately demands respect and attention. Justine Vandergrift is one such artist. She will make a solid impact on anyone who has the privilege of hearing her songs.”

-Bill Bourne (Juno awarding Canadian Folk Artist)
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Track Name: Demons of Desire
I'm chasing my demons
I hope you are too
I'm walking on water
I'm still looking for you

If I knew better, this wouldn't matter anymore
This burning ember, left over from the war
We never should have started

Fighting fire with fire
Hanging on a wire
With the demons of desire

I'm walking on quick sand
I'm moving so fast
What's left of this wasteland
The crimes of demand
Track Name: Everytime I See You
He took my heart
just to see it crack
I feel him watching so I turn my back
To all the brokeness he wore so proud
Just for the people standing in the crowd

Please, would you stop existing for a while?
'Cause I'm getting tired of trying
To just get past how it always feels so wrong
Everytime I see you

I watched him dance to that old beat again
I couldn't let him see the shape I'm in
But something took all of that love away
Or maybe you never really knew your way
Track Name: Let You Go
There's a place in time
Where you and I don't fight
Competition pride and need
Don't bring in the night

There's a place in my heart
Where you love is real
I saw it in your picture
But now we don't trust what we feel

But now I know
I have to let you go
I live today
To find tomorrow
I have to let you go

There's a place in time
When you're tender still
All of your desire
Demands all your will
There's a place in my heart
Where you're doing well
There's a better story
That we're gonna tell